After so long that I've lost count how long 'long' is

I'm finally back to blogging... just once again. (Oh please tell me you've missed your lousy blogger. So err, motivations, anyone? No? Okayy :C )

First and foremost, as much as I thought I would have more time to spend on my saddening blog after SPM.. it's been a year (or was it more?) and fact has definitely shown otherwise. *big sigh Oh what to do, guess my life have been set on an express lane without many rest stops. One thing for sure, I've been goooooooood. Well maybe after I conclusively describe how my 18th year of living have been doing, you'd come to terms with me that my life isn't that bad after all. And decide to forgive me for not blogging :B

Thinking of where to start, I begin to go through picture after picture and realize... Wow, I've had so many pictures that would say all the words I could spill. And I guess I'd pretty much just let them do the job as I haven't really remember how to blog like 'Kylie' used to blog. HAHA.

Let's take a tour down the memory lane of my 2011, shall we? :)

Just right before that, there would be people whom you'll be seeing over and over again. Basically, they appear in most of my pictures. (So much that I actually don't cam-whore without them anymore, heck much! Heh.)

So, the story begins from last April, when I got myself enrolled into HELP University College. My life was changed almost completely from then.

All the fun times my friends and I had spent together were plain insane.
Memories indulged in those bittersweet moments include,
A sale for charity!

SLUMBER DAY in college

The day I moved in to HELP Residence

Food feast when the old DSA was reestablished (They banned food in DSA after something happened, so this picture became unique! Haha!)

Our very first formal-wearing day for some nonsense presentation which I still remember how it went #insidejokes mehhh :B

Becoming a runway model for a friend's PR project without actually surveying the job application first, I joke!

Yong Tau Fu lunch with the beloved lecturer, now our friend.

Hmm, exam stress?

The first night all 4 of us spent doing nothing but chilling and doing silly stuffs

18th birthday celebration, and to be exact, best of all 18 years!

ALSO, the best birthday eve spent with my sweetest soul mate :')

*sigh* I love my bestf. So much..

(Moving on)

One of the rarest hangout with this bunch of people

Nemo's REALLY belated birthday celebration, another blast 'nuff said.

House warming during Mid-Autumn Festival (Honestly, one of the most drastic change in my life was probably shifting to a new house)

Traffic Light Day in college!
(Yeah, you so judged all of us. Trolololol)

A photo shoot for HELP UC IT Department's 2012/2013 brochure

An open house during Hari Raya which we all can never forget

Lastly, the best way of ending my 2nd semester in HELP UC's Foundation program,

Partying all night long.

I guess pictures can only say that much. It took me long enough to put these pictures together, so.. round of applause, anyone? Err.. okay nevermind..*self-clap :C 

Bottomline,  that should conclude my 2011. So here I am, trying to keep to my words. I would try to update more often but judging by how busy 2012 has been, (as if it already has been long enough, *giggles) I doubt I would get the time to do so. However, your cute blogger is working on her time management! So, many many more second chances? :D

'till then.


  1. It seems like you had a really great year with your college mates and whatnot :D Btw I like your model picture! :D