The Comeback @ 2014

Alright guess who's BAAAAAAAACK!
(But first, let me fling my hair to the back)

Oh Yes. Fab. 
(No? Okeh :|)

First of all, YES - one flip and my long hair (from previous post) is gone! Hur hur hur. OK I joke, it has just been a long long long long two years (and two months, yes? no?) and things have changed so much! Even looking at the header tickles me so badly now. 

P/S: Promise to be making changes to this blog asap alright! So please be patient with me guys, if I still had even one reader that is. *cute sulk*


Here's what got me wanting to actually update this horrendously abandoned blog after so so so so so so long was that I feel that I've been needing to be on a 'journaling' site more often than just other sites wasting my youth away (Tumblr users you're standing with me alright! ADMIT IT Tumblr sucks souls!! T_T) And since I'm finally on a sem-break, why not - eh? 

Of course, to make it sound like I'm finally catching up with a long-lost friend from the past (oh, you really don't wanna be reading my archive, you'd laugh your lungs out) and what's not to do when there's so much going on with my life, right? 

So here we go.

Dropping the haircut topic (which I'll try to find time to talk about soon enough), in these two years, I've been blessed to be doing a lot more things that I (thought I) couldn't do two years ago - I am entering my third year in Psychology, joined some pretty massively epic performance events and co-found a music production that is (up to this point) going on quite smoothly, working as an intern  with a good learning environment and most importantly, loved so dearly by someone. 

Of course, going back in time isn't easy so let me start with something that needs me to recall least - the music production. 

Last year, around this time of the month was when we decided our very own name of the music production (if we were to ever have one) - InYourFace Music Production. Personally, I really like how impactful that name is and I have insisted it till the very end. *cues applause for great name* 

And of course, when it happened, we were over the moon. We were so stoked and constantly pushing ourselves to strive better in every video.

TEN (or eleven actually) videos later... 

We are having fine talents gathering around that makes me feel like a music idiot *pulls long face that touches the ground*

Speaking of that, oh I surely don't sing. Out of that 10 you'd prolly only see me once or twice - and that's if you watched till the end to catch me squeaking about how excited I was having these talented people in our production. 

But I've been more than grateful, to be able to see how these talent bloom like them full-grown flowers in Spring time. These make all the time spent on trying to make miracle happen, searching around for talents (so if you think you ARE one, just come talk to me already alright!!!! I don't bite :B), sending emails to 'beg' for venue, running from places to place to make sure I get everything, going high and low setting up the shooting place (despite the fact that I'm a 5'' shorty that can' go any taller *ahems*, learning how to make up so that I can make sure every talent look at their best, giving up all I have...

just to see this end results.

"Is it worth it?", people ask. "It's not just something, sometimes it's everything. So is it worth it?", even I question myself at times. Looking at these end results, I suddenly have less doubts.

It is.

Because not only that I'm watching these talents bloom, I'm sharing these tears and joy with the most important person in my life - Him.

Here is what it looks at on the other side of the screen, with Ted whom I wouldn't know how to function well without.

(No him how to go buy stuffs? No him how to go meet people to talk about venue and all? No him who will climb up and down for the production? SO PRESCIOUS LA YOU TED HAIISHOOO!

I wanna thank you, for staying behind the scene with me and behind my back to support me through rough and smooth - here's to all of us who work quietly behind the scene and camera(s) :')

I don't know where will this journey end, but I've grown old enough with it to call it part of me. It's not something just anyone will understand - until you've cried on set because of the overwhelming stress that comes to an end after a long preparation.

Till then.

P/S: If I were to do a review of some make-up products I've recently loved... 

What d'you say?



  1. JIA YOU! & all the best in your life :D xx

  2. Amagaaaad Jojo! Hahah Thanks for commenting, such precious :* All the best in your life too! ;)

  3. YES to the reviews!! I really love reading yr posts :)

  4. Hahaha Omg babe thank you for being so supportive X) I'll try to sort out some stuffs to talk about okie? I'm no where pro like your makeup skills man :(