The Reawakening

As usual, before we begin... I want to thank this gorgeous lady behind the construction:

Princess Vivien (in the middle)!

This precious sweetie has been that ONE person who's been here for me ever since my very first blog back in the days - of course, those WERE the days! I don't know if I can ever hire someone to do a better job, nor do I know how else can I feel more motivated to blog than to actually feel like this tremendously well-designed skin deserves more attention than what I actually write about! So credit goes to my Sayang whom I've befriended for almost 7 years! (Which will never happen without Sue - on the right - who had blessed us with such graceful friendship).

I love you, BOTH of you. And you people are really the few that makes me feel that life is not about how many friends you have, but how many that would actually stick by when things get rough.

As I crack my head trying to think about something to write, I could take some suggestions! So, do let me know what bloggers write about nowadays (as you can see the last time I actually blogged was YEARS ago) or what you'd expect from someone who.. has not much talent but just simply wants to write something so whenever you feel like the grammar Nazi in you is tingling, you know where to find your victim.


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