I Love Yoo? Maybe not.

I hope you guys are okay with wordy post.. 'cause this is going to be one hell of a long post.

So I had a take-away from the I Love Yoo! Time Square branch in my office this afternoon and trust me, I was startled by how one of the workers responded to my request of heating up my to-go Yong Tau Foo.

I usually go for I Love Yoo! whenever I feel like having a light lunch and I do know how they serve their Yong Tau Foo there - they're normally placed on a plate in front of the cauldrons where the porridges are cooked. Customers will be self-servicing and your staffs will boil the Yong Tau Foo in one of the cauldrons before packing it - or so I thought how it SHOULD be done! It caught me off guard when he said 'SUDAH PANAS PUNYA LA' when I POLITELY asked if he was going to heat it up (because he was already proceeding to adding the sauce).

The Yong Tau Foo, exposed for at least HOURS... were packed and I don't even get to ask for my Yong Tau Foo to be heated up T_____T #WHAIYOUBULLYME

I was honestly quite taken aback when the guy did not respond to my request even when I asked him to at least boil it a little. So after he packed it, I immediately opened the lid to check if it was actually still warm (or at least cooked). No doubt, it was COLD and of course, I paid for it. I kinda wished I didn't but then again... sigh.

That's not even the worst yet. Later after that, ANOTHER staff came and served my colleague.. and HE BOILED HER YONG TAU FOO! Warghhhhh ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSA #BigTimeAngers!!

I had no other choice but to eat the cold Yong Tau Foo. And I'm sorry if I shouldn't be using vulgarity what not,


P/S: I also wrote them an email WHILE I was eating the horrible lunch (which was approx 1:30pm). And this post is now, posting approx 5:30pm, yet NO REPLY from them.

So this post is here just in case if I die of stomachache or whatever later tonight.. someone who reads this would know who or where to collect my funeral money from.

LOL JOKES. but no, really... I LOVE YOO!? You can do better than just this. I bet.


So I FINALLY got a reply from I Love Yoo! after like a solid half day (22nd May 2014, 9:31am) and after spending a horrible night in and out of the toilet countless times - I literally couldn't feel my legs the next morning.

And all I can say was.. No wonder my manager at work reminds me to CONSTANTLY shower all the providers of feedbacks/comments with LOADS of icing, love and whatnot.


And undoubtedly, I Love Yoo! did a horrible job. It makes me feel sick in my stomach (literally; no pun intended though). I don't know how some companies deal with their social media team but personally, even if it means you're POOR in English, you reply in such cold and insensitive way.


This could make me sound cocky, over-demanding whatsoever but unfortunately, I could feel from words and these words do not comfort my stomach. Not at all. Excuse me but.. WARN? Sorry but I'd honestly hope you FIRE that person before more cases like mine happen.


  1. Babe, you should insist fr him to heat it up! Or ask the other staff to do so. You're too nice alrdy :(

  2. I insisted! But definitely not firm enough la T_T I had stomache after that. NEVER gonna go back there already :'(