Queen's Trip to Malacca

EXACTLY on the 21st, two months ago, Ted and I celebrated our second year anniversary...

Only that we actually DIDN'T celebrate it 'cause you know.. we broke and shit. I joke I joke. But seriously, I was so caught up with so many things at once, plus we were tight on cash, we had not other choice but to set aside all plans untill we have more cash flow.

And it took us ONE WHOLE MONTH to actually achieve something small as a celebration (I even almost gave up on trying at one point 'cause seriously... having to work and study ALTOGETHER isn't fun at all.) But oh well, I made it, we made it, and we totally rocked some semester break together! 

Here are some pictures that I probably would not upload to Facebook since it's overdue and.. I don't think anyone would actually 'like' these cheesy shots popping up their Timeline so.. TO THE BLOG WE GO! 

First of all,
WHY Malacca? - 'cause the last time I was in Malacca, it was a HORRENDOUS experience that I would prolly never ever want to live through again. And oh well, I've got some GREAT Goupon deals that I got the chance to fished while browsing through their Getaways Deals. (Or so I thought!) You'll know why I said so in abit.

Before that, allow me to introduce to you to my.. (future) sister-in-law? Hahaha. She's my b*tch alright, ain't nobody gon' mess with her. *shows unflattering muscles* Pictures were taken while we dropped Ted's family off at KLIA2 for their flight to Japan.

And I was like.. DAMN we're sooooo domestic. *roll eyes But it's alright, I'm not so sure if I could withstand the stress being on a plane anyway :(

 Was actually quite sad sending them off knowing that they're gonna have so much fun but oh well! 
I got myself some nice souvenirs anyway, ain't gonna complain much ;)

I actually LOVE KLIA2!
How they transformed LCCT to some epic-looking airport is really quite impressive.

Beware: Shameless selfies and useless shots ahead! 
 Ohai, drivoo. 

 Malacaaaa yaw!

 Got a chance to take a ride in a hotel's shuttle van. 
(All hail King Ted who didn't need to drive! That's the whole point of going on a vacation actually, JUST SO Mr. Fattybum doesn't have to drive :P)

 Annnnnnnd, JONKER! 
(under a scorching hot weather, BAD idea.)

Nevertheless we had LOADS of fun,
just being tourists, doing the usual selfies..

UNTIL my big girl arrived to meet us up!

 And suddenly... it became an iPhone photo-shoot day.
HAHA. Epic fail but who cares,
this is the FIRST time we actually got to do cheesy stuffs like this so y'know,
you gotta be shameless once awhile! 

The photographer behind all the 'magical picture you saw/about to see 
- Ameline Tan!

Phew that was a LONG scroll down, wasn't it?

Anyway, enough of cheesy photos,
let's talk about the hotel we stayed in.

I did the booking, Ted only made the call and yet..

Yeah, this is my just-got-out-of-water face.
I mean.. 
How the hell do people pull off sexy faces when they get out of the water man.
It's just so.. impossibly done! *roll eyes, again

Being in water is literally the ONLY way I could cool myself down,
after all these stress I get in the city of KL.

My backbone has ALWAYS looked creepy as they stick out just like that.
But I adore them. They're literally what supports me through tough times.
*NO PUN INTENDED hur hur hur*

Apparently, he didn't fancy the water so much. 

Back at the small but definitely cozy hotel room.

And headed out for some famous Satay Celup for the very first time
If I ever have readers of overseas,
Satay Celup is a delicious self-service cuisine that has all sorts of vegetables and meat that are stringed together in a stick and serve with scrumptious satay sauce that's made of nuts and.. coconut milk I think.

Hilariously, Mr. Fattybum actually sat down and asked..
"So where's the satay eh?"
seriously bruh. *major roll eyes 

But it's all good, we went back with some sinfully filled stomachs. 

So we woke up the next day, SUPER early, hoping to catch the buffet, since it looked superb on the Groupon deal...

Yeah you can TOTALLY tell how great it was judging from our faces.
We were pretty disappointed (knowing that we ACTUALLY woke up for this kind of food, meh).

Basically there were flies circling the buffet dishes served and WE had to shoo those flies away so we could reach to get our food. However, there was this ONE saving dish, which was the curry mee the cook for you upon your order. Everything was alright, the taste was above average; but the egg station that was beside the curry mee station served me really bad omelette. I almost couldn't taste anything that was in the egg, under-seasoned and really didn't flatter me so well.

While packing to head back to KL,
 apparently FurryBear didn't want to leave since the bed was comfy.

Apparently, they had a rooftop too!
It was pathetically small, and to my surprise, there were angmo(s) sunbathing,

We could BARELY open our eyes! Gees.

Attempt #2, OK la can make it.

Took some shots before we left to go back to reality.

MORE shameless selfie shots to end this post :B
(You can tell, our weekend was spent under SO MUCH sun!
 Gosh I felt so melted the moment I step outside the car, I had to jump back in.)

About my stay:
Honestly, it shocked me to see how small it is compared to the photos that were displayed in Groupon. I guess you really just shouldn't blindly trust  photos that were uploaded - ANGLES PLAY SUCH A HUGE ROLE. Dear lord I sure felt cheated. Especially on the swimming pool. I think a normal swimming pool is about 2-3 times of that size. It's width is approximately one half of me (5'0'' shorty I am, so you can tell how small it really is) whereas the length is about three of me, definitely doesn't flatter a water person like myself.

Also, for the amount for money I paid, it was.. slightly overpriced (the deal was 290MYR for weekends, original price was 680MYR). But if I were to EVER pay 600MYR for that room, I'd flip so badly.

Then again, for a small town like Malacca, what do you really expect from their hotels eh? Their services are undoubtedly 5-stars worthy.

Nevertheless, thank you for having us. It was a short 2D1N stay but I really had some good sleep. 10 points for awesome bed! :)

The Settlement Hotel 
No 63, Jalan Ujung Pasir
World UNESCO Heritage City Melaka
Malacca 75050 Malaysia
+60377 249 556

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