#QueenK21 x 23062014

Half an hour to go before I am officially 21. TELL ME HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO FEEL. Old? Wise? Pretty? Legal? Pretty legal? Haha. Oh boy, but honestly, being 21 is freaking me out. The leap from 20 to 21 years old is INSANE. In just one year, I've got :
- my own production up and running well on YouTube (check out the link on the right yaw! ->) As much as I don't produce stuffs that you'd hear, I definitely went miles for making the shoot happen and that's all I can give but it makes me feel go achieving things like that all the time, pushing my limits ever single time we shot a music cover. 
- myself an intern job in KakaoTalk Malaysia. Although it only started this year, man I'm definitely blessed with loads of great guidance and fun times. 
- my make up skills levelled up! Now now that's DEFINITELY only thing that have had me surprised. Never did I once imagined that I'll be that kinda person who'd click into make up tutorials to listen to boring step-by-step instructions. But guess what, HEY! That's when you begin to learn yo!
- to (somewhat) co-direct my own Chinese stage play and watching people act out what you've wrote is just.. WOW DID I JUST WRITE THAT?! 
.. what else? Can't think of any right now since... I don't always get to count my achievements this way but all in all I'm tremendously grateful for everything that has happened in just ONE year.

All the good things, and the bad things - really.

What really had me was.. well, I have always had quite a great instinct about people who want to surprise me, and I somewhat spoil it for them most of the time but on my 21st birthday's eve, which is today, I was TRULY surprised for the first time. (Thank goodness nobody caught that moment or it'd be beyond embarrassing.)

What shocked me MOST was.. these are the people I don't normally even allow myself to talk to. OK OK let me get this right, the fact that I CAN talk (or act crazily/open-mindedly/whatsoever insane stuffs), doesn't make me an extrovert. You'd be surprised when I say... I am agoraphobic. P/S: It gets worse when your lecturer TEACHES you about your phobia, to the whole class of.. 150+ people? Yeeeap. So..

Of course I was beyond surprised. 

Oh and, Happy Birthday Bong :) 
2 days later than me, not bad girl! 

These people, REALLY got me off guard for the very first time in 21 years. 
DAHELL! Way to go, iron ladies! *blow kisses

Something so simple and heart-warming,
what else can I ask for?

I love y'all! 


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