Skinny Mint Tea x Day 1

Whaadaaaaaap gais! 

OK so I've been going on this craze for quite some time now (for those who are quite frequently on my Facebook would know) over this new brand of detox tea in town - OK not literally but.. yeah y'know, 'just another detox tea'. But for some reasons, I have never felt the same for this brand as compared to others. It gave me a strong (positive) feeling from the first moment I laid eyes on their products on Instagram. Could be me, could be the color of their packaging whatsoever, you name it. But honestly, I have never EVER wanted to try something so badly I actually joined their contest, prayed so hard I get to win (in which, of course I didn't but it's okay! Poor girl will just have to try harder in funding then :( )

And exactly a week ago, as I celebrated my 21st birthday, I was surprised by one of BEST presents I can ever get - 

a SkinnyMint Tea Starter Pack.

Tears were instantly put into my eyes, I couldn't believe that I have friends who know EXACTLY what I want instead of buying what they THINK I would like - which is quite important in this case 'cause I honestly don't hope that any of my friends will need to spend money on things that I won't like for a very long time. (Just my honest opinion okay, I adore ALL presents I got for my birthday equally! *blow flying kisses)

In this case, I was really blown away. I couldn't wait to try it immediately but you know, Monday's always a better day (or is it easier?) to start 'marking' your challenge. And so, SkinnyMint tea has finally got me eagerly waiting for a Monday to arrive - FOR ONCE!

OK so here we go, first day on a challenge for me to #DareToBeGorgeous and I am supposed to try BOTH the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. Uprightly, I was undergoing some mixed feelings about this happening. After all the 'Do you even need it?', 'Why are you drinking something that stands a chance to harm you?', 'What if the side effect is bad?', it has all come down to how I want to prove to those who've said all these to me that why SkinnyMint will not be just another detox tea.

And to answer those questions so people can stop asking me anymore,
'Do you even need it?' - Sorry but I think I get to decide whether I need it or not, not you.
'Why are you drinking something that stands a chance to harm you?' - I don't know. Maybe because even if it's going to kill me, I want to die looking or at least FEELING great?
'What if the side effect is bad?' -  Then I'll have no choice but to STOP!? (Wait, is that even a legit question to begin with?)

Morning Boost 
Green Tea + Yebra Mate + Nettle Leaves + Dandelion + Guarana
I am very serious when it comes to doing research for something that I desire badly, and according to the reviews these sachets should smell and taste very fruity and refreshing. Thus, ultimately, I was crossing my fingers hoping that it actually does the reviews justice. 

Guess what, IT DID. In fact, the fruity fragrance was so strong I was stunned for a second upon the opening of the packet but it was undoubtedly a great aroma that completely lifted my mood (Hey! Coming from someone who's not sponsored, I'm really quite genuine on this you see). 

As I add hot water to it, the smell of the tea got even more distinctive (Stunned #2, seriously I was damn scared to walk back to class since it's the Ramadhan period T_T). However, behind all the stress-relieving scents, it tasted a little more bland than I expected it to be. The first sip was.. 'Oh so that's it?' Definitely sugar-free but I'd blame myself on that 'cause I was expecting it to taste like iced lemon tea :B Turns out, it tastes like jasmine tea (prolly the dandelion + grapefruit came together really well on this).

What surprised me MOST was, it gave me a kind of 'addiction'. By that I mean, you can't stop sipping it after your first sip. Maybe that's what the taste does - it smells SO strong, but tastes less extreme to create some kind of intriguing effect to your brain that you just couldn't stop tasting it? GENIUS.  

P/S: I had it on-the-go style, 
'cause Mondays are usually nothing but BUSY for me, so yeah. 

As I am typing this, I am finishing my last few sips of my Night Cleanse ☾and unfortunately, no picture of it 'cause.. well I got lazy HAHAHA. Oh! And before this, I've just gone to the toiler to finish my 'business' and it was a smooth go. I was well-aware about the laxative effect but they emphasized more on the Night Cleanse, so I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow morning to tell if I 'lai si' (experience diarrhoea) then :P

But for Night Cleanse, it killed me a little. As I check the ingredients (again) while I'm drinking, they're made up of stuffs that I couldn't quite compute.

Ginger Root + Orange Leaves + Lemongrass + Senna Leaves + Licorice Root = Some kinda minty flavor that I can't really tell if I like it. Then again, it's a pleasure feeling.

 I could drink cups of these before I am sick of it being too sweet or too minty, so I guess you can conclude that my Day 1 of #DareToBeGorgeous with SkinnyMint Tea was a pleasant success?

Go try for yourself, xx.

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