#QueenK21 x 23062014 #2

More than two weeks of being 21 years old and finally finding the time to sit down and write something about that Big Day I had, 16 days ago.

It sure was nothing extremely big, but for someone like me who has never had any sort of great celebration, it was AMAZING. Undoubtedly an immense feeling to see friends gathered around and dine together, stress-free. (Except for me, 'cause I was a paranoid little sh*t who was constantly worried if my guests were well-fed *hurrrrr hurrrr hurrrr)

Trust me when I say, words can not describe how my 21st Birthday dinner went. So I'd just let the pictures do some of the talking.

A random pick of few photos from that night. 
From rushing to the venue, to sweating balls, 
to seeing them guests enjoy their food, 
to taking wacky photos and candids - I'm truly blessed that there are actually people who WANT to attend my birthday part. 
You guys, are honestly THE BEST  
Extra points for those who wore YELLOW ٩(●̮̃•)۶

To my surprise, my guests actually bought me presents. And this, is why I never stop telling these people that they're the biggest idiots to have chosen to be my friends. Shamefully, I couldn't buy them my birthday dinner. It was more of a gathering than a dinner actually (x23456876543234567 level of guilt) and of course I was expecting NO present (Eh hello, pay dinner ad still want to buy present ah? Siao one!). End up, everyone got me something. 

Like that how not to cry you tell me? How not to title you guys as the biggest idiots? (But I love you all, really TvT) 

I can't stop with the urge of posting the goodies I've gotten ('cause I'm VERY happy! It's like Christmas came super early this year and I'm beyond grateful!) 

Michelle, Rosalind & Nemo: Thank you, you three fools for knowing exactly what I want. 
Checkout my Day 1 review here.

Sophia, Johnson, Ivy and Alfred: Thank you for the laptop sleeve! Classy and chiq, how to not love it?!
Additional plus point for the crown ♕

Ann, Shivaani, Tracy and Annelise: Thank you for the dress from Twenty3
One of my recent favorite colors + Infinity ways of wearing = Happy QueenK ◡‿◡

I'm sorry I couldn't personally snap other presents 'cause.. 
I got REALLY tired that night and these presents are now safe at home where no harm would be done to them!
Harm = Anybody ransacking it and go 'Oh this is nice, I'll give it a try-out' lol

Nevertheless, a list of SHOUTOUT is a must!

Phooi Sze and Richard for the bouquet of flower (it's the BEST bouquet of flower I've gotten, it has made its way to my iPhone's Home Screen :P)

Tracy for the Chinese tea (oh the love we share for Chinese tea, really!) & Desmond for the ride to Mitasu too! Thank you for insisting in a lot of things that I was always afraid to ask ಥ_ಥ

Sean for the OPI nail colors and parfum (Time to get fabulous woots woots!) 

Sue + Vivien for the GIGANTIC mint green laptop sleeve (which I left it in Ted's car that night I was shooting this photo heeheee sorreh!) & Yang, for the hipster glasses, with the Typo and dreamcatcher notebook.
Extra points for MINT GREEN ♥

Lih Wern for the set of Body Shop hand cream (Indication of me needing to start taking care of my skin, okehhhh I gedditz!)

Melissa and Gang for the aroma therapy infuse (sure need a little therapy that helps relieve them stress!)

And of course...

The Knight in Shiny Armour (ahems, not that shiny, not quite an armour nor a knight lol)'s gift was EPIC.
My favorite YELLOW, of his (ours, actually hahahah) favorite Dota team (NaVi),
 shipped all the way from.. idk where (US?)
"Wear it with pride, yeah?"
"err, no." ¬‿¬ 

Thank you, Fatso Ted for throwing me such a party. 
(Photo taken during another friend's party 'cause during my party, 
we were either too busy serving our guests 
or the photos of us just look horrible 'cause we were in so much sweat and I looked fat ಠ_ಠ)

Lastly, I need to apologize for being a bad host. I was never good in running my own parties (but quite good in doing it for other people lol self-praise is no praise ´∇`) But thank you, thank you, thank you all, because without you guys, I wouldn't even know how I'd made it through my 21st birthday.


Till then, you can find all the photos, if you haven't already, on Sidney's FB (truly my honour to have him as my photographer of the night! I hope you enjoyed too!)

Well of course, check out Mitasu in town for the gorgeous Japanese buffet dinner @ a reasonable price (62.90MYR). Dinner time is 6pm to 10pm and there is NO TIME LIMIT. Plus point, eat and rest then eat again and rest before you eat again until you get sick of Japanese food! ¬‿¬ 

Mitasu Japanese Restaurant 
No.34, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-2110 2833
Email: mitasu.jpr@gmail.com

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