Overcoming Fear

Here is what went down for the past few weeks, where I was so caught up with stress, time management and crazy amount of workload; nevertheless, one of the most prominent results was this.

Watch the video:

OKEH. Thank you for watching (OR NOT lol you little unsupportive sh*t ), this assignment piece was shot in two days (maybe 3 but it surely felt more than that.) so bear with the fact that most of the acting skills were quite cincai (sloppy). 

Nevertheless, it was so much fun. Having to work with a completely new team of mates whom I have not worked with before (might have not even spoke to in the past 2 years of my Degree life) and also having a special guest featured in this video was definitely priceless. 

While going through some of the clips (before the whole piece came together), I stumbled upon a few faces/ expressions etc. and thought they were really H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! For example: 

And so I started capturing them, and untalented-ly edited some of them (mainly for self-entertainment but you know.. somehow they made their way here on my blog ✌◡‿◡


#2 - Hair Series 
His VS Mine (I also attached a photo of a Triceratop so you can compare ¬‿¬)


(OK that was for myself for trying to be funny ╥) 

Jokes aside, shooting this short film has definitely given me a lot to think about. First of all, the fact that I had to go on with the shoot no matter how badly ill-ed I was had me having more faith in myself than I ever had, to insist that I will take no break nor rest until most of the things are done shot. Of course, without the support I get from the closest soul, I was almost sure that I wouldn't have survived - which leads me to my next point. 

It's really until the screening day (yesterday) that I realized, we have started from being featured in the same video back in 2011 (when we were friends, and he was really open to all sorts of help as long as he is free, wah so kind!) and this is how far we've came as best friends and fight buddies. 

But above all, it has grown into a kinda of romance that is indescribable. As much as this person has been the shittiest actor I've met (not that I'm very good myself but nyehehehehe ¬‿¬), the clown who's constantly making people laugh (front and behind the scene), and the ugliest casted face I've seen - he was THE greatest support. 

It's almost impossible for me to do emotional scenes in front of people, what's more in front of a huge-ass screen,  being shot. And him being on set is honestly one of the biggest aids (if not the ONLY aid) for me to let my guard down and slowing get into the required emotions. Through scenes where I have to be shameless and had to walk in neon clothes and stars-filled pants (as seen in the video or below), he had his arms opened to comfort me when I feel extremely shameful for having to do so; instead of telling me "If you knew it, you shouldn't have done it.", he gentled pat my shoulder and said "You did a great job, you looked good." and... "I'd still date you if you dressed like this."

HAHAHA. Sometimes, two years of investment on a sucker like this could have a relatively good return rate :P (Note the 'sometimes'!)

Lastly, I just wanna thank all of them crew who have been there for us casts throughout the whole time.
Thank you all, who've been concern about how I would pull through the sickness and having to act jolly and all at the same time. 

I honestly wouldn't have made it without you people. 

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