Skinny Mint Tea x Day 14

In my previous post regarding the SkinnyMintTea Tryout, Day 1, I missed a photo of my Night Cleanse ☾ tea, so here it is.

And that, marks the official closing ceremony *cues trumpet* of my 14-day Teatox programme.

So it's review time as usual huh? 

Here we go!

Before that, very often when I see reviews on slimming products / detoxing supplements whatnot, I doubt that they'd be true since most of them look like they're already pretty skinny to begin with. Or they could be sponsored to say good things about the products. So what's the difference again? Well this time, as I looked through more reviews, I was pretty surprised with some of the reviews that came back with quite a significant result. Eg, plump-py girl showed graduate change of waistline (more lean, wahsai jelly max level).

And of course, there are those where 14/28 days later, you could see abs popping up whatsoever. Trust me, those come with A WHOLE LOT of exercises and workout.

Unfortunately, being the same old lazy me (I won't want to give excuses like 'I'm not free' etc. 'cause I iz lazy, I gotta admit it hahaha FML.) I obviously did not workout throughout the whole 2 weeks, where it is definitely more encouraged to be paired with the programme for maximum effect.

So here are the changes throughout two weeks (not sure if there are even any visible/ significant changes).

Not sure if you can see the difference due to:
#1: The pants in 'Before' was a short pants that obviously showed muffin top 
wherebyin 'After', it's a high-waist short that prolly hid them muffins :P
#2: LIGHTING `_っ´
Nevertheless, I did try to tilt the phone to just about the same level as I shot the 'Before' photo.
Quite pro right! ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ
OK, no :(

Taste wise, the Morning Boost was really amazing. It had such a succulent scent and taste, I could literally drink it all day long. (I also mentioned it in Day 1 of Teatox-ing, so this is an affirmation to that statement!) Whereas for Night Cleanse, I had to add lemon juice (or at times, half of the fruit soaked in to the tea) to make it easier to be gulped down. Personally, the taste killed me. Then again, it's entirely the kind of taste you'll be expecting from a detoxing tea. Apparently, adding honey to it helps decreasing the taste too - or so I heard.

Effect wise, my stomach feels less bloated and my appetite was quite curbed; on top of that, my metabolism definitely increased. Here's the catch (not sure if it's a good or bad one though), my stomach aches REALLY bad when the laxative effect kicks in to indicate that I should be heading to the toilet real soon. My face looked literally like this -> ⊙.☉ whenever I start to feel the pain in my stomach. At certain days, it hurts so bad I could rip myself apart. Then again, it's very depending on how every individual react to it physically, so I might be the only unlucky one ╥﹏╥ But of course, above all that pain, comes the really satisfying results. (Note again, that I did NOT work out during these 14 days at all.)

So there we go. Do drop them a message if you're interested in purchasing or should you have enquires regarding the tea yet this lousy blog provides insufficient medical information ´∇`

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