Queen's Trip to Malacca Round 2 x King's Birthday

Unlike my birthday, Ted's birthday this year was planned the way I sorta wanted my alternated 21st birthday celebration to be - a short getaway.

For him, as much as he stayed in Malacca quite awhile before shifting back to KL for further studies, he has never thoroughly explored this city; whereas on the other hand, as much as I try to convince him that Langkawi or Penang would be better places (since we've sorta kinda already toured the main places in town during the last visit), guess who's the one celebrating birthday? 

And so I lost ಥ_ಥ but it was for a good cause, to see the King enjoy himself eventually. This time, we planned a 3D2N trip down to Malacca so we could spend more leisure / relaxing time rather than to rush to places (yeah you can tell we're more of sleepers, and not travellers ¬‿¬) 

Day 1: Drive to Malacca & 1N stay in Malacca's AFamosa Resort

Here's KayKay being the chauffeur of the day 
(FML even the toy is braver than me to drive ʘ‿ʘ)

While MaoMao bear enjoys the ride. 

The journey down to Malacca started in the afternoon 'cause I was craving for Korean food for lunch and thus, by the time we got to Malacca, it was approximately 3:30pm. Upon check in, I was quite 'blown away' by the room we were residing in.

1. The room smelled damped. Like there was a leakage for months and nobody cared. I couldn't even bear with the idea of staying in that room for more than an hour.
2. The sheet of the comforter has a coat of dust ಠ_ಠ
3. The whole room just look.. dated `Д´

With all the anger and frustrations that were building up, I dragged Ted out to the city for a walk as we wait for time to pass to enter the Cowboy Town at 6pm. And somehow, we ended at MMU and guess who did I HAVE to meet?

Ms. Bestie Amy

But do NOT let our happy faces deceive you. 
This Yellow House malay food store served us possibly one of the worst Malay cuisine I've ever eaten.
(And of course, it was Ted's wish to try the food again knowing how tasty the food used to be back then when he was still staying in the residence nearby)
`Д´ *cues volcano eruptions*

 So, with that as an addition to what we've experienced back in the resort, there was honestly nothing else that could be worse, right?


It CAN get worse.

So we headed back to AFamosa and to our rooms to pick up some stuffs before we head out again and THERE WAS A FREAKING LIZARD IN OUR ROOM. I honestly couldn't believe it. Yes, we may be in A'Famosa but seriously, I don't fancy a warm welcome from what sort of reptile in my room! ╥﹏╥

I called the front desk almost immediately for a change of room and the reply I got was 'Oh erm, I'll send the housekeeping up to check before we confirm your room-switch yeah?' - Heck, lady did you think I was THAT free to make up a story for a switch of room? I'm asking to CHANGE the room, not even trying to bargain with you for a goddamned UPGRADE. #PleaseDontDoThisToMe ╥﹏╥

Finally, after all the debate, we moved out from that room. Please mind my words when I say I really didn't like the entire room to begin with. The whole atmosphere creeps the hell outta me. As quickly as possible, we settled the luggages at the Hospitality Room and left for the Cowboy Town.

And of course, we missed the famous Red Indian show. 
(BUT iz okeh we trai to smile enjoy at least!)

And oh well, nevertheless we managed to catch the Animal Parade!

I got REALLY, (I mean REALLYREALLYREALLYREALLY) excited when I saw baby elephants.
They're honestly just about the cutest thing alive.

Prolly the closest I'll get to seeing living animals and .. 
it's nothing exciting but I pay my highest respect to all the performers (including them cute animals) for being 100% committed to whatever they do, regardless how small the crowd is.

Best part of the night?
Free firework show, WHY NOT eh?!

After the show we took some time to relive some childhood moments.

Pony-feeding / Patting!

Proud jakun moments but who can ever resist cute animals like these, 

 There wasn't much about Cowboy Town to talk (or snap photos) about other than it's so close to becoming a disappointment. Maybe because it's on a weekday's night, maybe it has just been like this for all that we know.. years? If it's a heritage, why wouldn't we do something to maintain it? It's like as it's living on its organic growth now. What happened to that A'Famosa that we used to be so hyped up about having a trip there? IDK, just some food for thoughts.

Proceeding, the rest of the night was equally unpleasing. Yes, we got another room and that one smelled less damped than the one before but the sheets were the same. So Ted and I moved on to washing up and then head to bed to watch whatever that's there on TV. Apparently, there was nothing. So it was a long hour of switching channels until we decided that there's this movie on FoxMovie that we could watch until we (I, actually lol) fall asleep.

Miraculously, I managed to fall asleep. But not for long... around 3am in the morning, the air-conditioner suddenly stopped functioning. It was beginning to heat up in the room and I don't do well in rooms that are warm all of a sudden ╥﹏╥ So we called the Front Desk again, and they mentioned they would send someone up (again) to check for us. And so we waited...

but nobody came. At about 4am, we fell asleep out of exhaustion. We didn't even make it the next morning for the breakfast that was supposed to come along with the packages we bought. We slept in till 11am, quickly got up for a quick bath and packed to leave.

 I did not even want to look back at my stay in this place. I was THAT devastated. Thank God that our second night was spent in town, of course in a better hotel. I was SO looking forward to it.

Day 2: 1N stay in Bayview Hotel

But to be greeted by this kinda old-school lift operator definitely gets the best outta me.
But HEY, what's there to lose, we've had worse already.

Other than being a little dated, this hotel was MILES ahead of A'Famosa, and they cost about the same. I've gotten the deal to this hotel from Agoda.com and A'Famosa's package from their website. I don't know about you, but I'd have rather I browsed Agoda longer for a better deal for ANYWHERE I go from now on. 

Bayview Hotel's Superior Double room package comes with free WiFi (where other times you'll have to pay RM30 additional for a 24-hour access), good view of the bay of Malacca (we actually saw cruises at night) and of course, breakfast for two. Not only so, their swimming pool was fairly huge (and deep) enough for an Aquamarine like me to get those negativity off my head after all that had happened on Day 1.  

How can you ever waste a good pool? 

Of course we'd have to get a good dip! 
(Except for Ted since he's a coward ass who's hydrophobic ¬.¬)

Amy Amy Amy

More Amy.


And after 2364759389273864568932974853 times of attempts, 
I got one underwater selfie for myself too ´∇` 

Then, I had to challenge myself to the deeper part of the pool.
(Deepest was 8ft, CRAY CRAY)

I love being in the water, it's the only place where I can honestly find peace.

After a long good swim and shower later, it was time for King Fatso's birthday dinner and of course, I got to dress up. So did Mr. StinkyPants. Guess who's finally looking well-groomed?! -‿‿-

Thank you BbyGirl Amy for being such a great host throughout these 2 days!
Big hugs for you!

RM 88 New York Strip.
Tastes like God just landed on your tongue.
'nuff said

85% for great food and greats servers

Happy King Fatso is happy!

Hungry Queen K is hungry ᴖ ᴥ ᴖ

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe Malacca and staffs,
for being great from ambience, to service to food and to helping guests snap great photos!

King Fatso undeservingly mistaken The Ship for being in Malacca has given us the best chance to tryout something that's also in KL but we'll never get the chance to dine in. 

"How do I look?"
Thank you, for making it feels like it's my ideal birthday celebration.


Breakfast next day was... 
Haha. Sorry, they didn't serve quite the type of breakfast I would dig into.
Plus the restaurant was COLD AS HELL. 
So yeah. Eggs will do y'know.

Bayview Hotel, Malacca (3.6/5)
Address: Jalan Bendahara, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia 
Phone:+60 6-283 9888

Upon checkout, we headed to Jonker Street and did some last minute shopping and chilling stroll before we head back to KL and ending the trip.

Since King Fatso wanted to try the famous Chicken Rice Ball, 
we headed to this place called Wang Wang and guess what,
All of these that you see costed RM47

Seeing this face, though, do make things better,
also because I get to constantly throw shit at him.
• ◡•

Sekian Terima Kasih,
NO MORE Wang Wang!

A child in heart, 
inside out actually. 

You've been the best, 
thank you King Fatso. 
Happy (now belated) 23rd Birthday!

• ◡• hurhurhur

Proud to say this trip has definitely gave us more chances to focus on ourselves instead of the work we're into together whatnot. Welcome back to reality and there was already a gift waiting for King Fatso at home ϡ

Classic Oxford x Classy Winchester

So, to wrap up and call it  day.. 
we went for my casting
 and last minute shoot for IYF's new collaborated cover with Skyward - Stay With Me 
(so much for 'Welcome Back To Reality' lol!)

Forget about wasting time to find the perfect person,
find that person who sees your imperfection and would work to perfection with you hand-in-hand.

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