Queen's Solo (more like YOLO) Trip to Hong Kong


Finally having some time to blog about the Hong Kong trip that happened awhile ago (err, almost a year? lol I was there last November). It wasn't a long vacay since it was pretty last minute; nevertheless, was ultra grateful that I made my way through the savings and hard-earned money for a very deserving alone trip!

And there was King Fatso, so excited about sending me off ಠ_ಠ

I did wish we could've gone together though 
( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ

Then again, I wasn't REALLY travelling alone. 'cause the first part of it, I had THIS girl to be with.

My beloved Egg-Headed girl 
ʕ ˵ ̿ ౪ ̿ ˵ ʔ


And there're us being COMPLETELY overwhelmed by the airport. 
Yeah, pretty overwhelmed by how LONG the walkway is!
 ཀ ⌂ ཀ

✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ 

6:00am flight was probably a wrong idea but HEY, the good news is you're almost the first to arrive at the departure hall.

Here's one thing I need to express to this girl, I am PROUD of her. 

Not only that I am proud that she would travel all the way to surprise her beloved one, but the fact that she calmly survived through my panic attacks on the plane throughout the entire flight is really just, wow girl you be that tough cookie!

Wait no, actually she panicked. She almost called the flight attendance to tell her I was gonna die. HAHAHA.

This is after a long 2-hours of braving myself to look outside the window.
Yeah I know, I'm the worst window-seater `⌒´

But when I looked at the frost out the window, 

Day 1 in Hong Kong -

We reached around 10am in the morning and it was chillllyyy. Loving the weather but I was almost doubting that it will get any colder, so it makes all the clothes I packed 'overly worried about the winter in Hong Kong' ¬_¬

Whuddup HK /,,/

How in the world can your airport's train tickets looks so pretty?

I was lovin' it there the moment we got out of the tunnel already.

My stay for the next 3 nights was at the hipsterly-filled-with-people area
Yau Ma Tei

Checked-in to Casa Hotel (which in my opinion should be awarded the best budget hotel around that area 'cause Yau Ma Tei is basically 2-3 times of a Pudu, Kuala Lumpur and the hotels here are honestly, quite budgeted. Most of the guest houses are at located above malls or shops, and they are rented by HOURS, so... you can imagine and expect what sort of neighbours you'll get when you stay that those types.

But Casa Hotel was considered to be one of the REALLY outstanding ones (with it being a 'mid-luxury' hotel, I must emphasise again.)

Rule #1 while traveling alone (no not really, I made that up):




Or lidis, also can hurhur.

One thing that really took my breath away & brought me back to the memories I had of Hong Kong is definitely Victoria Harbour. I remember back then when I first visited Hong Kong with my family, my uncle mentioned "If they keep on filling the lands here, it'll soon become Victoria River, no longer Harbour anymore."

Hong Kong at night is love.

And since it was really close to Christmas, the decorations were all-out too.

Day 1 was semi-fruitful as we visited HKUST, walked around and dined in a place 
which looked like Kim Gary in Malaysia & headed back to the hotel to rest.

Day 2 in Hong Kong -

It's slightly more adventurous as I set foot out of the hotel alone, to a street filled with China people & their kids + their husbands + their bags. Please ah I scared I kene trap in stampede and die one OK ಠ_ಠ Plus it was during the Umbrella Revolution protest, so I do have my concerns.

This, was MongKok (where, LADIES LISTEN UP, you can sapu your Lush products here.
Some of the products they have in this store, you can't get in the outlet in Tsim Sha Tsui)

Go check them out at:
旺角西洋菜南街分店旺角西洋菜南街68號(近D3出口) / 
68 Sai Yeung Choi St S, Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

Also, I must add on that their train system is SO SYSTEMATIC.
In ONE area, say Mongkok in this case, has like A-F exits (I think, point is they have super a lot of exits) so you can come out from one exit and use a shorter cut to come out from the other side of the area. 

The trip there was LOVELY, 
I felt so blended in (maybe because also I was bringing a luggage to walk around & would just chuck the stuffs I bought in it.)

I hope it wasn't such a bad idea trying to walk around with a luggage that I could literally fit into.

Anyhow, before I got to Hong Kong, of course I had to do some researches about the few places that a solo traveller should visit (mainly for food tho) & according to King Fatso's fabulous sister - Princess Huee Wen, I MUST try Paisano's Pizzeria. 

To the extend where she said 'YOU MUST EAT PLEASE' & 'SO GOOD YOU CAN DIE'.
For one moment I don't know if I should go lah, because who wanna die in Hong Kong alone right ._.
But I went, and...

 ཀ ⌂ ཀ

(OK today is 30th of October 2015, looking back at this pizza isn't so scary because we also have Mikey's Original New York Pizza in Malaysia which serves huge ass pizzas right? So the Kylie one year ago really jakun one, never travel before see everything also Wah Wah Wah!. Zz, wuliao)
 Taste wise, I'd say my slice was abit too dry for my liking.
But apparently their pasta tastes pretty good too!
Go try it for yourself at: 
尖沙咀加連威老道12號地下 / 12 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Mon - Thu 9:00am to 12:00am 
Fri - Sun 9:00am to 1:00am

After eating big slice of pizza sure must walk walk around to digest a bit, so continue walking around and take pictures of all things everything.

Feels like these stairs are everywhere in Hong Kong 
& would suddenly have a couple dramatically 'breaking-up' and the girl dramatically flee down the steps.

(See what happens when you travel alone? Imagination goes too wild lol)

To be honest, I fee like Hong Kong during their windy times (Autumn / Winter) are my favourite times of the year. 


But it tends to get REALLY cold at night
 (even without the aircond on, IMAGINE THAT!)
& that's the only time I wished they had a heater in the room.

Day 3 in Hong Kong - 

ALSO another adventurous day for me, as I got up REALLY early (7:00am & left the hotel 7:30am) just to head over to The Australian Dairy Company. This was also recommended by Princess Huee Wen. First look, to be honest I was judging it. Like I was about to get cheated & prolly ruin my day.

But I also did some researches on it where most of the reviews were positive (only that you gotta be early or you'll miss the best meal of the day - BREAKFAST).
& when I got there, there was already a queue! 

Yeap, I judged the book by its cover.

Story Time: 

So I'm pretty sure most people will say that Hong Kong's customer service is really bad, right? Like they're mainly rude and nothing else. Well, that's EXACTLY what it is. The moment I got in, the 'captain' snatched my luggage away & took it to a cover which is definitely out of my sight. I panicked a little but this lady behind the counter went "Don't worry, your bag is safe in the store. Sit down order." (In Cantonese of course) & I was assigned to sit beside this pair of mother & daughter & was immediately asked what I'd like to order. 

In a typical Hong Kong styled cafe (茶餐室), it's where the researches you do before visiting is put to good use. You get a good view of what they serve & what they don't. 'cause basically if you do not decide fast enough when you're there, they would leave you (to actually give you some time to think about it while they efficiently serve others first). 

Thankfully for me, I got to order the ONLY breakfast set available, with choices of coffee or tea.

Breakfast Set includes macaroni soup with ham slices
& toasted bread with scrambled egg 
Please DON'T get fooled by how they look. They actually taste heavenly!

Macaroni soup with Ham Slices ( 火腿通粉) had a slightly peppers taste to it the saltiness from the ham slices compliments the overall taste so you wouldn't need to add in any extra spices. 

Toasted bread with scrambled egg (牛油方飽 + 西煎雙蛋)'s theory is the same, the egg may look simple but it's cooked to perfection with on-point seasoning & trust me, they don't take their toast lightly alright. The first bite into it and I was a bit embarrassed for making such a loud crunch noise ಥ‿ಥ

Close up shot of this heaven-sent simple breakfast.

Here is the menu - 
placed on every table, below the glass you'll dining on. 

P/S: Apparently they serve quite a few of other really tasty dishes too.
Would definitely go back for another round ٩(`Д´)۶

Go try it for yourself at: 
佐敦白加士街47-49號地下 / 47-49 Parkes St, Jordan, Kowloon 
Mon - Wed & Fri - Sun: 7:30am - 11:00pm 
Closed on Thurs

To my surprised, the moment I stood up to pay my bills, my luggage was immediately 'sent' to me followed by the loudest THANK YOU PLEASE COME AGAIN I've ever heard. I guess to Hongkies, what really matters is customers who come in get to eat the food they're here for, that's it. The rush to push the flow of customers (thus, the rudeness) could be definitely be explained & understood.

Next up, since I've seen Tsim Sha Tsui at night, 
thought I'd pay a visit there during the day time too.

Sadly, the sun did NOT come out to play at all. 
But here's a photo of a Bean-Like art figure which they named
(Whoah that's quite a big droplet there ._.)

Took a stroll down Avenue of Stars to do some touristy sightseeing.

Super unimpressed with the crowd here, all the China aunties really..
can't give me a second to snap a photo (`_ゝ´)

Oh hello there boom guy! ◡‿◡
That's what King Fatso normally does in our production house haha.

Ei laydeh please don't touch my Line Producer!

I said staaaph it!

STEWPED LAYDEH. Go away grr. 

OK then after that lady, there were more people who went up and molested the poor Boom guy.

And as I walk around to explore the place, 

Saw this uncle thought he wanted to jump down,
padahal fishing. Uncle please, dangerous ok ಠ_ಠ

Gave myself all sorts of reasons to selfie.

Literally all sorts of reasons! ಠ_ಠ

My hair became REALLY annoying under the strong wind at one point.

So after more jalan-jalan, I ended up having dinner at this place in Mongkok that night, 
which REALLY pissed me off badly.

First of all, I did say the servers' attitude in Hong Kong is generally bad. But that's only like when you're a 茶餐室 & your crowd traffic is heavy. 

BUT THIS PLACE. My sweet baby Jesus, is considered a relatively 'high class' place with relatively small crowd and yet their servers behave like cocks. I mean seriously, like cocks. In this case, means penis & rooster; whichever definition that rocks your boat actually because to me that's a dickhead behaviour. 

Just because I was a solo diner, my orders were not taken seriously. I got bitch glanced by their so-called manager, and my cutleries were not given to me BEFORE when my dish was served, NOT even when my dish is served - what fckery is this!?

And it seriously tasted blend, & the cheese was terrible.
But to be fair, I didn't order their stuffs like escargot whatnot.
This was possibly the cheapest dish on the menu, maybe that's why I got stared but bxtch please I COULD BUY YOU OUT IF I WANTED TO.
(lol kidding no not really)

So if you're Mongkok, I urge you NOT TO GO 
Madrid Cafe & HongKong Cafe at :
旺角山東街50號1-2樓 / 1-2/F, 50 Shantung Street, Mong Kok
bc seriously it's -1000 / 100 rating

Got out from that place, & thought I should walk around to see if there were better food to hunt around & was quite surprised.

The queues for these two stalls were CRAZEH!

But it's the kinda fish-balls / sour & spicy noodles (酸辣粉) you can get from Connaught Night Market, lol
Chao ji angry, nothing special pun.

Got back to my room feeling really disappointed but good news is I could finally go home to some comfort food so it's all good.

My room, at the end of the trip.
Purpose of this photo was to show you all how small (yet cozy) a Hong Kong hotel could be.

Last but not least, 
it's (to be VERY honest) a bittersweet journey for my first somewhat backpacking trip.
& I'm thankful for the fact that I could speak Cantonese like a Honkie to NOT get conned throughout my shopping experience. 

I'm sure I'll see you again,
Hong Kong.
Very very soon.

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