G-Shock you, G-Shock me.


I'm DEFINITELY the weird one in our relationship
( ˘︹˘ )

ANYHOOOOW! Since I posted my last trip to Hong Kong (which *ahem* happened last November) a few days ago, it made me feel like it was time to actually commit myself into keeping this page alive. Like, why would I forgo such a place for me to syok sendiri, do some experimental posts to tryout my writing style & to actually spill a bit of my emotions from time to time, right? (I keep telling myself that actually, really one.)

So, here's one of the times when I feel adventurous! Now now, I'm pretty sure everyone knows that the watch brand 'G-Shock' is popular for its trendy yet functional design! And for girls / women, we just looooooooooove a watch that is fitted for just any style and any occasion, don't we? So G-Shock's range of designs are definitely a go-to!

Of course, the G-Shock is unlike any other as they are designed with a SUPER high level of impact, water resistance and trendy colours. You can be active anywhere you go and never have to worry about scratching your watch; and trust me, it's especially a great choice for a chor-lor (rugged) person like me   I'm not kidding! It is always a nice thing when you can enjoy your day outdoors while still wear a nice G-Shock watch to tell the time, so this time I've tried to put together 3 trendy appearances with one G-Shock & show you how it works for me ´∇`

Look #1 - Sporty Active

Since working in a production means working hours can be REALLY irregular, which also means that I will always have to be sure of how I spend my off-duty hours, on recreational activities or me-time.  (Any free time could potentially become REALLY REALLY REALLY precious, at times.) 

Normally, I'd choose to either do some simple sets of workout to keep myself going; some days I'd love to swim. Born as an aquatic person, I could spend hours in the pool; aside from just constantly doing laps, but also generally seek inner peace when surrounded by water. And since G-Shock is made to resist high impact, it's perfect for all the sports I love doing while not losing sight of what time it is. BUT days like these where the haze really gets the best of me, I'd just rather stay indoors (and perhaps laze around a bit *brings out the Queen K Snack Bag* ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ)

Look #2 - Casual Chic

Someone I idolise once said "I've only got one bag & this bag is for all occasions. I find girls who have time to change their bags generally have too much time in their hands" (I'm for one who have tonnes of bags actually ╥﹏╥) Anyhow, I would agree to that statement as to have my G-Shock with me regardless how I dress up is a blessing. To be honest, I don't wanna give myself that sort of stress in choosing which watch to wear everyday as if I'm not burdened enough.

So for all my outfits, be it a burst of colors for the happy & funky look or just plain Jane for the subtle yet confident look , I'd still pair them with my G-Shock 'cause they will ANYHOW, match! & in this case, I am an old school person, where I rely only on watches to tell time so even when I'm going on a date, I wouldn't need an excuse to check my phone at all (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) so you better don't also la haaa.

Look #3 - Feminine

You know, there are just some days where I would wanna turn off the fierceness and aggressiveness & indulge into a more sophisticated feel & look and yet not losing the charm. Thankfully, I won't need extra efforts to flaunt the feminine girly look even by wearing a known-to-be manly watch. With such charm, it literally screams FASHIONABLE okpls!  (҂◡̀_◡́)ᕤ

Of course, my attempt of being completely feminine is slightly off (this is more casual? Haaa, my fashion sense abit off la OK don't scold me pls) but at certain days when I feel more girly than ever, I'll pair my G-Shock with a dainty dress & would still feel that the watch is that one accessory that adds the versatile touch to my outfits.

100% would recommend these G-Shock Look Ideas to my girlfriends, my brothers' girlfriends, their girlfriends' brothers' girlfriends, maybe your girlfriends too if I can, because who doesn't like having a watch that can save the hassle of having to choose which watch should go with your outfit that day, right? If you manage to somehow pick your poison, would you also share it with me so we can be G-Shock buddies? (¬‿¬) because I'd like to try wearing other colors also actually hurhur.